Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The worlds "first" 5.13 offwidth

I'm coming up on a month off from work in a few days and I am psyched to go back to the Utah desert.  I have a couple  projects both old and new to attend to that should prove to be difficult, and an old nemisis, The Bellyful of Bad Berries.  The Bellyful of Bad Berries is the worlds first (5.13) offwidth established and still holds it own today .  I have tried this Brad Jackson masterpiece a few times spread out over the last five or so years, and have yet to hold onto it until the end.  Its an amazing route, both technical and brutal and is considered the benchmark for entering (5.13) in the world of offwidth.  There is another offwidth located in Veduawoo that was once called (5.13) and established years prior, but it's not near as difficult as suggested, and the proper credit should be given where it is deserved.  Hats off to Brad on this major accomplishment and a timeless route that will be sought after for decades to come. 

Jackson on the FFA of the Belly


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