Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creekage (part 2)

Downloaded a few pics from Joshs Camera (all pictures courtesy of Josh Hood)  and edited the few video clips of the "Half Shark, Half Alligator, Man" attempts together. (vid by Ty Gittins)

"Cougar Hunter", Cat Wall

A find of Trevors and obvious from the parking lot/ road.

Baggy Sixes through a small roof, to a difficult size similar to the "Dunn-Luebben" and then run-out squeeze and body size chimney to the top.  30 odd meters.

Just below the awkward crux

"Dunn- Luebben" esque size

and then alittle bit of sidewinding until you can dive in

"Catamean", Cat Wall

This thing was full of loose blocks, but cleaned up to be a good little bouldery type Offwidth/ Squeeze through a decent sized roof. A short route and also obvious from the parking lot/ road.

just a couple small blocks...

The crux pivot. 

Cheap skate alert... single bolt anchor.  (only brought 3 bolts up for some reason that day)  Add one if you so desire, or i will in the future.

Tried the "Half Shark, Half Alligator, Man" for a day and a half.... close but no cigar.

Entering the crux layback...

And the short vid edit....

No shots of the other two projects, as they are TOP SECRET!!!!

Trevor super psyched for yet another lap on Binou's


Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Blog

Not sure why I started this, but we will see how it goes.

I went to the creek over the holidays after visiting my folks for christmas, golfing and horse race action...(broke even!)

I flew back after a great week with the folks and drove over to meet Trevor and Josh who had been in moab for a week already and Ty coming down a few days later.

The Creek was totally empty for the most part, minus new years weekend. But we had our cliff of choice empty nearly everyday that we went up. Cat Wall, Scarface, Donnelly and The Battle. Cold nights, but perfect temps during the day.

   Trevor on the Swedin' Ringle

We we did some milage (3-4 pitches a day! ha!!), looked for new routes, tried some projects and drank a fair amount of 3.2 beer... go figure.  We did 2 new routes,  got the first pitch established on what will prove to be a difficult offwidth roof above, and Trevor worked an amazing finger crack project that we couldn't believe hadn't been done before, so good.

Blue Collar Burlfest

          Josh after free handing the "tower of death"!!!!!!!!!!

We did a couple days in Donnelly Canyon as I picked a cool/ wierd project (half shark, half alligator man) and we repeated Trevors "Twitterpatted" and way too many laps on Binous.....

The Shark
the whip, (photo by: hood)

and a link to a vid of the whip (ill figure that step out next...)

Leaving the "Super Bowls, Super Bowl"